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Short history of the David McKenzie Grewar
Born 1796 in Linlith

DAVID MCKENZIE GREWAR was born on 22:06:1796 and baptized on 25:06:1796 in Linlithgow, about 25 km West from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Capt Benjamin Moodie was ordered by Macartney, the British governer at the Cape, to recruit 200 Scotish artisans to provide in the serious shortage of skilled workers at the Cape. They arrived in South Africa in three ships, namely “Brilliant” on 04:06:1817, “Garland” on 23:08:1817 and “Clyde” on 24:09:1817.

David Grewar was traveling in the company of his brother John. It is not sure yet on which one of the three ships they came to South Africa. John Grewar signed an IOU of 350 rix dollars in favour of Capt Benjamin Moodie on 11 November 1817. It was probably for his traveling costs from Scotland to South Africa.

John didn't plan to stay on in South Africa. After working for a short period as a cooper in Waal Street, Cape Town, he jumped on a ship that was passing the Cape in an easterly direction. It is presumed that he headed for Australia.

The name David McKenzie Grewar appears in the Cape Town archives on the PR List (“Permission to Remain”) of 30:03:1818, at No. 2147. David left Cape Town by ship and sailed to Algoa Bay, where the city of Port Elizabeth is situated today. He then settled in Uitenhage where he became a wheelwright. He resided in Cuyler Street, Uitenhage.

David's father, mother and brother

Igmar Grewar received this information about "David's father, mother and brother" from Donald MacDonald Grewar (son of Thomas 'Tommy' Patterson Grewar and Helen Christina Benn), born 30 June 1955 at Kabwe, Central, Zambia, currently residing in Newport, South Wales.

James Grewar married Elizabeth Murray on Saturday 11 June 1763 in the parish of Glen Isla, County Forfar, Scotland. John Grewar (son of James Grewar and Elizabeth Murray) was born on Sunday 1 May 1768 in Inverherity, Glen Isla, Angus, Scotland.

John Grewar married Janet Grewar in Glen Isla. (John Grewar’s coffin was made in Ecclesmachan and cost eight shillings and was paid for out of a fund for monthly distributions to the poor on Monday 30 March 1807. John Grewar is believed to be buried in St Michaels Parish Church yard, Linlithgow).

David McKenzie Grewar, son of John Grewar and Janet McKenzie, was born on Wednesday 22 June 1796 in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, and died beween 1853 and 1857 and is buried in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Robert Grewar, son of John Grewar and Janet Mckenzie (and brother to David McKenzie Grewar), was born in Linlithgow on Wednesday 9 May 1798 and baptised on Sunday 13 May 1798, in St Michaels Parish Church, Linlithgow.

Read more about that part of Scotland here.

David's marriage and children

David McKenzie Grewar, born in 1796 in Linlithgow, Scotland, came to South Africa in 1817. In 1831 he got married to Johanna Frederika Marais of Albertinia at Uitenhage. They had 12 children. It is presumed that ALL Grewars in South Africa are the descendants of abovementioned 12 children. It is therefore important that every individual who claims to be a Grewar, be part of this Family Tree.

  1. Maria Magdalena Rosina Grewar (born 1832 at Uitenhage and died 1834)
  2. John Charles Grewar (born 1833 at Uitenhage and died 1835)
  3. Janet Gertruida (Grewar) Ferreira (born 1835 at Uitenhage, date of death unknown)
      The children of Janet (Grewar) and Salomon Ferreira:
    1. Martha Johanna Ferreira *1857 Humansdorp
    2. David Grewar Ferreira *1860 Humansdorp
    3. Salomon Ferreira *1862 Humansdorp
    4. Thomas Ignatius Ferreira *1865 Humansdorp
    5. John William Grewar Ferreira *1869 Humansdorp
  4. Maria Elizabeth Grewar (born 1837 at Uitenhage and died 1841)
  5. Johanna Catharina Grewar (born 1838 at Uitenhage and died 1841)
  6. Christopher John Grewar (born 1840 at Uitenhage and died 1928)
      The children of Christopher John Grewar and Johanna Dorothea Louwrens:
    1. Susanna (Lilly) Johanna Grewar *1868 Humansdorp
    2. David McKenzie Louwrens Grewar *1870 Ficksburg and died 1940
    3. Peter George Louwrens Grewar *1872 Clocolan and died 1937
    4. Christoffel John (Jack) Grewar *1873 Clocolan and died 1928
    5. Cornelius Grewar *1875 Clocolan and died 1897 in Johannesburg
    6. George Frederik Grewar *1878 Clocolan and died 1928 at Sabie
    7. Johanna Dorothea Grewar *1880
    8. Jacobus Hercules Grewar *1882 and died 1969 at Ermelo
    9. Maria Elizabeth Grewar *1885 and died 1959 at Ficksburg
    10. Jeanetta Presciosa Grewar *1887 and died 1957
    11. Thomas Grewar *1889
  7. John William Grewar (born 1842 at Uitenhage and died 1929)
      The children of John William Grewar and Margaret Louisa Rens:
    1. David (Fixie) Grewar *1875 Kruisrivier
    2. Cathrine (Katy) Wilhelmina Grewar *1876
    3. Johanna Louisa (Jeannie) Grewar *1878 at "Schanskraal", Richmond
    4. Margaret Hendrika (Maggie) Grewar *1879 Hannover and died 1884
    5. Wilhelmina (Minnie) Grewar *1880 Hannover
    6. Gertrude (Gertie) Janet Grewar *1882 Hannover and died 1975
    7. Ignatius (Nato) Grewar *1883 Hannover
    8. John Baird (Jack) Grewar *1885 "Kleinpoort" and died 1960
    9. Sydney George Grewar *1887 "Kleinpoort" and died 1915 at Swakopmund
    10. Godfrey Thomas Grewar *1888 "Kleinpoort" and died 1933
    11. Douglas Grewar *1894 "Kleinpoort" and died 1894 at "Kleinpoort", Uitenhage
  8. David Grewar (born 1844 at Uitenhage and died 1914)
      The children of David Grewar and Johanna Catharina van Rooyen:
    1. Carolina Frederika Grewar *1869 Uitenhage and died 1919
    2. Johanna Catharina (Daisy) Grewar *1871 and died 1871
    3. George Frederik Grewar *1873 Uitenhage and died 1873
    4. Marthinus Grewar *1875 and died 1884
    5. Johanna Catharina Grewar *1876 and died 1887
    6. David George Grewar *1877 Ermelo and died 1966
    7. Gert Thomas Grewar *1880 and died 1971
    8. Lydia Johanna Grewar *1882 Middelburg and died 1905
    9. Jeanetta Engelbertha Grewar *1884 Bethlehem (?) and died 1969
    10. Baba seun *1886 and died 1886
  9. George Frederik Grewar (born 1845 at Uitenhage and died 1871)
  10. Johanna Catharina Frederika Grewar (born 1847 at Uitenhage and died 1848)
  11. Carolina Frederika (Grewar) Rens (born 1850 at Uitenhage and died 1923)
      The children of Carolina Frederika Grewar and Bernardus Rens
    1. Number of children unknown
  12. Thomas Jones Paterson Grewar (born 1851 at Uitenhage, and died ca. 1930)
      The children of Thomas Jones Paterson Grewar and Maria Johanna Wilhelmina Janse van Vuuren
    1. David George Grewar *1875 “Kruisrivier”, Uitenhage and died 1878 at Graaff-Reinet
    2. Anna Grewar *1877 “Kruisrivier”, Uitenhage and died 1967 at Vaalwater (Nylstroom)
    3. John Grewar *1878 Holfontein (Richmond) and died 1962 in P.E.
    4. Thomas Bertie Grewar *1880 Holfontein (Richmond) and died 1968 at Vaalwater (Nylstroom)
    5. Johanna Wilhelmina Grewar *1881 Holfontein (Richmond), died (unknown)
    6. Maria Grewar *1883 “Schutz Rama”, Griekwaland-Wes (x Joe Gubb)
    7. George Frederik Grewar *1886 “Sanddrift”, Griekwaland-Wes
    8. Henry Leslie Grewar *1887 “Gemsbokfontein”, Johannesburg (murdered 1927 at “Tu Rewa”, Colesberg)
    9. Stephanus Grewar *1887 and died 1904
    10. Leslie Janse van Vuuren Grewar *1889 “Kruisrivier”, Uitenhage, died 1906 at Randfontein
    11. Norman Neville Grewar *1891 “Kruisrivier”,Uitenhage, died 1958 at Bulawayo
    12. Donald MacDonald Grewar *1894 “Kruisrivier”, Uitenhage, died 1973 at Germiston
    13. Grace Grewar *1895 and died 1987

All Grewars in South Africa who think they are descendant from one of these people, or even those Grewars who suspect that they are from another Grewar family tree, are welcome to contact us

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