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Thomas Jones Paterson Grewar and family

Thomas Jones Paterson Grewar and family

Andy writes:
I'm also sending some pictures of my great-grandfather and grandmother, and their family, Thomas Jones Paterson Grewar and Maria Wilhelmina nee' Janse van VUUREN of Kruisrivier, Uitenhage. [This picture] shows the whole family, except the youngest, Grace, who must have been a baby still, because I think the youngest child is Donald, so the pic must come from about 1896, when he would have been 2. The oldest daughter, Anna (Nan) is on the right, and my grandfather Bertie is next to her on the far right. Wilhelmina (Minnie) is next to her father on the left. I haven't sat down to work out the other children.

Grewar jubilee

Peter writes:
I got this photo of the Grewars from Merle Parry, a Grewar descendant from the island of Tasmania, Australia. According to Merle, very little information was written on the back of the portrait, and so she does not know herself what the full details would be. Christoffel and Johanna were married on 24 January 1867 on Humansdorp, therefore this photo could have been taken in 1917 at Clocolan or in Hope Valley.

Merle writes from Australia:
Photograph of Christoffel John Grewar (born 28.10.1840) and Johanna Dorothea Grewar (born Lourens, 21.10.1843) taken on the occation of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1917, with some of their children, sons and daughters in law, and grandchildren.

This is what Helena (Helen) Lavina Moore (born Grewar, 5.1.1916) wrote on the back of the photograph: "Oupa en Ouma Grewar, Hope Valley, Gumtree, Ficksburg. Met geleentheid van hul Goue Bruilof - 1917 (of 1918?). Volledige Grewar nageslag tot datum 1918." (Grandfather and grandmother Grewar, Hope Valley, Gumtree, Ficksburg. At their jubilee wedding anniversary - 1917 (or 1918?). Full Grewar descendants until date 1918)

Back row:
1; 2; 3 (baby); 4; 5 - David (Paddy) Moore, of Glen Morgan, Ficksburg, married to Marie Elizabeth Moore (born Grewar, 14.10.1885) who is seated in front of him in the photo with a baby on her lap; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12 - Carolina Grewar (born Dippenaar), married to Jacobus Hercules Grewar (Uncle Kotie of Ermelo), born 15.7.1882, who is seated in front of her with their baby daughter on his lap.

Middle row (seated):
1; 2 (baby); 3; 4 - Marie Elizabeth Moore (born Grewar, 14.10.1885) of Glen Morgan, Ficksburg, with her son 5 - David (Davy) Grewar Moore* (born 3.1.1916) sitting on her lap; 6; 7 (child); 8 - "Oupa" Christoffel John Grewar (born 28.10.1840; 9 - "Ouma" Johanna Dorothea Grewar (born Lourens on 21.10.1843); 10 (child); 11 - (probably) Anna ("Aunt Annie") Elizabeth Grewar (born Lindeque on 6.5.1873), married to David McKenzie Grewar (born 2.3.1870) of the farm Hope Valley; 12; 13 - Jacobus Hercules Grewar (Uncle Kotie of Ermelo), born 15.7.1882, with 14 - daughter Helena (Helen) Lavina Grewar* (born 5.1.1916) sitting on his lap.

Front row (children seated):
1; 2; 3 - Doreen Eaton Moore (born 24.4.1912, daughter of David and Marie Moore of Glen Morgan, Ficksburg); 5; 6; 7; 8; 9.

* David (Davy) Grewar Moore and Helena (Helen) Lavina Grewar (both babies in this photograph) married each other in 1959 - they lived on the farm Glen Morgan, in the Ficksburg district, and both are buried in Ficksburg.

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