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John Murray Family Tree

Except for the foreword by Peter, this family tree was drawn up by Percival L Murray, Durbanville, on 25.8.1997.


This genealogical table of the John Murray family of South Africa was originally drawn up by Rev Samuel Murray (b2c4d13). He was assisted by Peter George Murray (b2c4d13e2) and Percival Lovell Murray (b8c5d2e5). The original family tree, which consisted of only 8 pages and was only 25% of the size of this one, was completed at Jeffrey's Bay between 1980 and 1987.

As new generations are continually being born, young people marry, old people pass away and married couples get divorced, a family tree will never be able to be kept 100% up to date.

Information concerning changes in your family or in those of your siblings, children and grandchildren will therefore be appreciated. Please send any information to Peter Murray in the Northern Free State or to Percy Murray in the Western Cape.

I (Peter) am concentrating on the descendants of JOHN MURRAY who was born in 1818 and Percy is concentrating on the descendants of HENRY MURPHY MURRAY (John's younger brother). We are working together on the rest of the Murrays, that is on ROBERT WILLIAM, SAMUEL, HAMILTON and HERMANUS JOHANNES.

Percy has already gone to much trouble in tracing the other Murrays. He has made hundreds of phone calls to every Murray in South Africa and deserves a big thank you for his hard work.

The section of the family tree dealing with the descendants of IZAK and DINA MURRAY is about 99% complete. We would like to request those noting any errors or omissions in their portion of the family tree to send any corrections and additions to us as soon as possible. Any one possessing details regarding the "lost Murrays" are requested to forward same to me or Percy. Thank you.

Peter G. Murray

The Family Tree

There are two family trees available, namely a private family tree (containing all details) and a public family tree. In the public family tree persons born less than 100 years ago only have their names and place of birth given. The private family tree may be made available only to bona fide researchers.

If those whose names appear on the public family tree have an objection, they should please contact us. Anyone wanting to give permission for all their details to be included in the public family tree, must also please contact us. Remember that not all persons listed on the public family tree have Murray as their surname.

The numbering system used in the family tree, is a modified De Villiers/Pama system which is generally used in South Africa. It is, however, not really used outside of South Africa. Later I (the webmaster) would like to make the family tree available in GEDCOM format.

Here is a preview:

a    JOHN MURRAY (ship chandler) * 1785 Edinburgh (Scotland) x 20:02:1816 Kaapstad to Martha Gysberta de Milander = 15:07:1792 Stellenbosch (9 children).
 b1   Margaret Murray * 01:03:1816 Cape Town + 28:06:1833 Stellenbosch = 01:03:1818 Cape Town (by Rev George Hough, Anglican Church).
 b2   JOHN MURRAY (schoolmaster) * 25:01:1818 Cape Town = 01:03:1818 Cape Town (by Rev George Hough, Anglican Church) x 28:2:1842 Bredasdorp to Helena Josina de Milander (his cousin) d/o Izak Johannes de Milander * 05:04:1815 Stellenbosch = 16:04:1815 Stellenbosch (7 children).
 b3   ROBERT WILLIAM MURRAY * 24:11:1819 Cape Town = 24:11:1822 Anglican Church, Cape Town x 17:05:1852 Stellenbosch to Johanna Carolina Isabella Orlandini * 22:06:1828 Stellenbosch (10 children).
 b4   Mary Isabella Murray * 01:03:1822 Cape Town = 24:11:1822 Cape Town + 21:08:1899 Caledon (unmarried)
 b5   SAMUEL MURRAY * 17:06:1824 Cape Town = 08:08:1824 Cape Town x 15:07:1850 Victoria West to Martha Jacoba Jacomina Karstens * 15:05:1833 Zwartland = 11:08:1833 Zwartland (7 children).
 b6   HAMILTON MURRAY (Cab proprietor) * 29:12:1826 Cape Town = 23:12:1832 Stellenbosch + 13:02:1907 Pretoria x 06:08:1855 Cape Town to Magdalena Anna Maria Rauch * 19:05:1832 Cape Town = 17:06:1832 Cape Town + 10:07:1906 Waterval, Pretoria (7 children).
 b7   Martha Murray * 19:12:1829 Cape Town = 23:12:1832 Stellenbosch
 b8   HENRY MURPHY MURRAY (Blacksmith) * 03:11:1832 Stellenbosch = 23:12:1832 Stellenbosch + 11:10:1869 Cape Town x 02:02:1857 Cape Town to Andrina Louisa Brink * 1835 + 10:07:1873 Cape Town (7 children)
 b9   ;HERMANUS JOHANNES * 29:11:1837 = 18:11:1844 Bredasdorp

* born; = baptised; x married; divorced; xx second marriage; + died; a arrived; c circa; s/o son of; d/o daughter of.

(c) Peter Murray, 2005. Last updated 2008-01-12.