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A newsletter which does not appear very often and is only published when there is enough money and news appeared for the first time about 20 years ago. Plus minus 15 issues differing in format, quality and popularity have already made their appearance. Initially we endeavored to publish the newsletter on a regular basis and to involve as many families as possible, but due to a lack of interest by the family not very much came of it.

Because the newsletter is of a very personal nature and gave coverage to only a few families, it was never really suited to distribution to the general public. Excerpts about specific subjects which are of public interest may be selected and compiled anew and be made available to the general public.


The Murrays have had an official reunion in 2007 (read about it here), and regularly come together in fairly large numbers at funerals and birthday get-togethers.


We are in possession of about 200 Murrays' addresses, but because of privacy reasons we would not make a complete address list of all Murrays available on the Internet. If we receive any requests from trustworthy individuals who need an address for a valid reason, we would supply such an address only after careful consideration.

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